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Coaching Testimonials

“I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Electra for over a year. She has a rare ability to consistently create deep and generous sessions that help me fine-tune my approach to writing and project management. Electra's questions are profound, thoughtful, and precise, inviting me to reconsider my work in new and inspiring ways. I highly recommend Electra!”

Hoag Holmgren, Executive Director, POD Network in Higher Education

“I reached out to Electra because I was considering different possible professional futures. Through her questions and our conversations, she helped me gain a whole new perspective on what I was actually struggling with and how I could respond proactively. After six sessions, I felt considerably less stuck and ready to redirect my energy into work I'm excited about. She was exactly the thought partner I needed.”

Alison, Assistant Professor

“I’ve started coaching to solve some problems that I’ve experienced while staying at home completely alone for 60 days, due to the lockdown. Electra was great in making me find solutions to solve promptly my problem. She is maieutic and she has really helped me in exploring myself deeply to reach my personal answers. It has been a great experience and I think that everyone should try it.”

Lucia Maggi, Lawyer, Ceo and Partner of 42LawFirm

“I came to coaching wondering about what direction to take next regarding my career, as well as work-life balance. After a session with Electra, I always walk away feeling refreshed, invigorated from a great discussion of ideas, and inspired by new, invaluable perspectives and an enthusiasm to try new things in the coming week!

Her high level training as scientist fuels her thoughtfulness and amazing ability to grant insight to a wide range of topics or provide perspective and piecing apart difficult problems or questions. Electra truly helps me find answers to questions I wouldn't even think to ask! Furthermore, she's incredibly modest -- there is so much thoughtfulness and self-reflection from her, that she's not only a Coach but an incredible role model!”


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Consulting Testimonials

“I asked Electra to help me with my first teaching assignment, for a college class that in previous years was rated by students with an average of 4.9/10. Electra has been essential in supporting me to figure out how to create suitable lessons, taught me many strategies about engaging students, as well as supported me in how to teach. At the end of the year I felt satisfied with the work done and I was positively surprised when I saw the new evaluation of 9.2/10. Electra knows how to bring out the best in yourself!”

Ilaria Miatto, Dental hygienist specialized in Health Management, Instructor at the University of Ferrara

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Facilitation Testimonials

“I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in three very fruitful guided discussions facilitated by Electra so far, all with the InterNations online community of expats and global minds. The first two were in the popular ‘Coaches Corner’ webinar series hosted in New York, in which Electra was regularly featured. Those webinars ranged in theme from cultivating our creativity to recognizing our own small victories, and Electra really stood out as a non-judgmental listener who sincerely values diversity.

I was so impressed with her facilitation skills that, as InterNations’ Ambassador for Canada’s capital, I invited her to be the featured guest at a big Zoom event in early 2021 which explored the importance and challenges of friendship in expat life. By all accounts it was a great success, and the discussion she led fostered one of the most meaningful and memorable online exchanges I’ve witnessed - it’s still resonating with me, long afterwards. Electra Eleftheriadou has such a gift for bringing out the best in people!”

Eric Volstad

Testimonials: Testimonials
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